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The Robison Law Group LLC is a boutique law firm dedicated to providing legal solutions to the cannabis industry.

We have hands-on experience assisting businesses, not-for-profit organizations and research institutions in the Cannabis (marijuana and hemp) sectors by providing intellectual property law, business law, commercial law and tax law and regulatory advice.

The cannabis industry is a highly regulated and nuanced industry. The Robison Law Group’s clients rely on the team’s expertise to solve the legal issues they encounter in their state-legal marijuana, cannabis, industrial hemp, CBD, CBD infused food, CBD cosmetics, hemp oil-based cosmetics and dietary supplement, among other, activities.

Practitioners at Robison Law Group have hands on business experience in many different industries and practice areas, with companies and organizations at all stages of their growth. Our clients are innovators, entrepreneurs, risk takers, scientists, and business owners. As a cannabis law and policy thought leader, the Robison Law Group assists its clients in providing solutions to unique legal and regulatory challenges. We understand the cannabis industry—including novel legal issues that are evolving in real time. Let us help you – the business owner, investor, activist, or scientist—as you navigate the nuances of the industry.

Please contact the Robison Law Group at +1-303-953-2087 (or After Hours: +1-720-471-4040) to discuss working together.

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We have deep experience counseling on sophisticated transactional matters. Drawing on our expert knowledge of the cannabis industry, we advise clients from deal initiation through contract negotiation, review and drafting. Our core experience includes a wealth of work product on intellectual property and corporate deals.


Cannabis is a highly regulated industry, with rapidly evolving federal and state rules touching every aspect of our clients’ business. We offer up-to-the-minute knowledge of those regulations and we provide legally sound and practical advice on how to ensure compliance. With the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, compliance related to hemp, CBD and other cannabinoids remains nuanced and critical to your success.


Marijuana and hemp are growth industries that have attracted sophisticated investors, who require a detailed understanding of the field’s evolving legal framework before they commit financing. We counsel investors and prospective investors on the unique legal, financial, and tax issues that face cannabis businesses.

Paycheck Protection Program Loans

THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG IS TO PROVIDE YOU INFORMATION THAT MIGHT HELP YOU OBTAIN A PAYCHECK PROTECTION PROGRAM, SEC. 7(A) LOAN (PPP). PPP provides relatively straightforward COVID-19 relief. We would like all employers who need relief and qualify for relief to obtain that relief. The PPP process may be straightforward (depending on your bank). Some of you will be eligible for loans and a significant portion of the loan may be forgiven.

COVID-19: Federal Assistance for Hemp Businesses

The CARES Act offers loan relieve to small businesses that are or were harmed by COVID-19. Robison Law Group LLC would like to keep you up to date on the CARES Act (the "Act"). related to COVID-19. As you know, it was passed by congress and signed by the President...

Cannabis Use 2,500 Years Ago?

The National Geographic has published an article referencing discoveries in Central Asia that may indicate that cannabis use as long as 2,500 years ago. Read the National Geographic article here.

Hemp & Customs

The Evolving Legal Landscape of Importation of Hemp Products and Dealing with the Customs and Border Protection While the Government has traditionally made simple matters in the hemp market complex, Robison Law Group questions whether the whether the legal landscape...

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