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Frank to Speak at The Rise of Hemp and Its Challenges

Frank to speak at Women in International Trade’s The Rise of Hemp and Its Challenges virtual panel on Wednesday, November 18.

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Frank Spoke at INCBA’s Panel on USDA vs. State Rules

Frank enjoyed speaking at The International Cannabis Bar Association’s (INCBA) 4th annual Cannabis Law Institute on USDA versus State Rules. The panel discussion was lively and enjoyable. Please contact Frank for State Agriculture Programs, Plans and the intersections that affect your business with Federal law.

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State Hemp Contract Paused Over Potential Conflict of Interest


Hemp attorney Frank Robison, who represents Robison Peyser, is ready to do more than make noise. Robison considers the reopening of the proposal process just “window dressing,” and he’s filed a lawsuit in Denver District Court protesting the CDA’s selection of the MPG.

“We’re not sure who the best candidates are, but based on what you can find on the most qualified contractor, [MPG] clearly shouldn’t be the awardee,” Robison says. “It’s not sour grapes. I just want transparency. The [Colorado Freedom of Information Act] requests I’ve sent related to this were quoted at around $63,000. This is a poisoned well.”

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Hemp & Marijuana Are Different Industries

Frank Robison comments on the Hemp Center of Excellence, the Marijuana Policy Group and the difference between the hemp and marijuana industries.

“Although they are both cannabis, hemp and marijuana are different industries. Their paths have not converged, and in the case of Colorado’s Hemp Center of Excellence, not only would it not be appropriate, but it would be a step back to have a stakeholder affiliated with marijuana to be the flag bearer for the hemp industry, particularly one that does not have a track record of working with hemp,” Robison added.

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A Legal Labyrinth: Frank Robison Navigates Hemp Regulation

HoneySuckle Magazine

“Frank Robison is driven to make sense in a world run on the incomprehensible. Today he is among the most internationally-recognized legal experts in the hemp and cannabis industries, his insights into regulation of business and agriculture contributing to the creation of pioneering actions in the sector.” Read the full story here.

Frank Speaking @ HIA CON 2019

HIA CON 2019

Join The Frank Robison Law Group at booth #305 to get more information on how we can help you, your business and or clients traverse through the legalities of this burgeoning industry with confidence. You can also learn some valuable information from Frank as he speaks during Hemp Talks on Sunday, as well as on Monday as a part of an educational panel. Get more info here.

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Frank quoted in Law 360 Article, McConnell Pushes DEA to Develop THC Test for Hemp

Law 360

Frank Robison, an attorney representing the Colorado company that purchased the hemp, told Law360 he has at least eight other clients who are facing legal trouble over hemp they have transported or attempted to import. He said the current field tests being used by the DEA and law enforcement are extremely unreliable for measuring low concentrations of THC.

“Their field tests are inherently unreliable, but they’re throwing people in jail and seizing millions of dollars worth of products based on them,” he said. “These tests have false positives on a regular basis. They will test positive on chocolate, soap, coffee, even oregano. There is a pressing need to allocate money for testing of hemp and hemp products.”

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Transporting Hemp Podcast

Ministry of Hemp

On this episode of the Ministry of Hemp Podcast Matt sits down with Frank Robison, Attorney at Law who provides legal advice and counseling to a wide array of clients in the cannabis (marijuana and hemp) space including industry, university and not for profit organizations. Frank and Matt have a discussion of the problems facing transporting hemp in the U.S. and abroad. Listen to the podcast here.

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Lack of THC Testing

Citizen's Voice

The lack of better THC testing has landed some business operators in jail. “There is a massive misunderstanding of what is lawful and what is not lawful with respect to hemp,” Robison said. “I understand it takes time to promulgate regulations, but if people are going to jail…it’s the responsibility of the government to stand up and clarify the law.” Read the full article here.

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INCBA Webinar Speaker

INCBA Webinar Speaker

International Cannabis Bar Association Logo

Join INCBA for our May Webinar on an update on the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, interstate shipments of raw material, and information on retail CBD. Frank Robison is a speaker at this webinar.

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